How to Implement A Digital Program Successfully In Pakistani companies?

In 2019, an increasing number of organizations in Pakistan are expected toharness the power of technology to enhance their productivity in various ways.

 For example, if you operate a call centre you can benefit from a Chabot-based solution. On the other hand, a marketing firm can implement call tracking software to track customer calls and analyze customer data.

 Here are three steps that can ensure that you implement a digital transformation programme – or project – successfully. Give your employees enough notice:

1. Give your employees enough notice:

The sooner you convey your intentions to your employees the better; this will give them time to assimilate the information, and increase the project’s chances of succeeding.

Have a brain storming session with employees before embarking on the project; this can generate positive ideas from them and ensure that they ‘buy in’ to it.

If you inform your employees about the project a few days before it goes live, you will significantly increase the chances of it failing or gaining acceptability.

Remember that your employees may view the project as a threat (they may feel that it will decrease their value within the organization). To prevent this, communicate the project’s beneficial impact on their day-to-day functions.

2. Stagger the implementation process:

The key to successfully climbing a mountain is one step at a time; in the same way, the key to gaining acceptability for a digital transformation project is by implementing it in phases.

For example, if the project entails three steps, automate one and then the remaining ones instead of automating all three steps simultaneously. In other words, give people time to digest the main course before moving on to the dessert (although there is no harm in mentioning thedessert just to prepare them).

Break functional barriers. Unfortunately, in most organizations, technology departments work in isolation and rarely communicate with other departments such as Marketing or HR. This is not a good idea -let the technological change be everyone’s business by involving all departments in the transformation process even if they are not directly affected by the project.

 By Arshia Ahmed. The writer is a corporate trainer and a consultant

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