Comedy Nights With Kapil Is Copied From A Pakistani Show

kapil n UmarComedy Nights with Kapil that one is not able to pass over on weekends, excepting the host and comedian Kapil Sharma’s attention-grabber, the whole ‘Sharma’ family is something to watch out for. A deadly mixture of nation’s coolest dadi, mischievous ‘bua’ and a good for nothing co-worker, are like an icing on the cake. And as sweetie wife for them is God’s way for punishing them through hell, that’s in any case what host Kapil Sharma consider to.

Ever since ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ was commenced on Colors last year, there has been no appearing back for host and comedian Kapil Sharma.

Kapil, who is also the maker of the show, has been lauded for his innovative conception of presenting ‘sketch comedy’ to Indian television audiences.

[alert-success] Many might not identify but this isn’t Kapil’s original conception. The format of the show is alike and approximately an exact copy of Pakistan’s long-forgotten classic sketch comedy ‘Bakra Qiston Pay’. [/alert-success]

Don’t trust us?? Ensure out these few common things between two of most famous shows…

The show comprises a big set with live spectators and a big family to support the acts.


Both Umer and Kapil can’t get ahead off a day without insulting their wives and humiliating their in-laws


Their supportors or maid are given away to be high-quality for nothing chaps with sole reason of interfering during the whole act.

Each of their acts comprise look by TV actors.


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