Mohammad Asif’s Movie Suffers Controversies Before Its Release

mohammad asifLahore: The movie of cricketer Mohammad Asif ’36 Hours’ is not yet released and is already facing controversies. The director and writer of the movie, Faisal Ejaz, had completed the shooting of the movie in just a month and now only filming of a few songs is left. But the producer of the movie, Sohail Chaudhry has separated the director from the film’s team.

According to sources, the villain of the movie, Moosa, has insisted on filming his songs with the heroine Raima Khan, but Faisal Ejaz refused to do so. Hence Faisal Ejaz was separated from the team and now the movie will be directed by Moosa. Faisal told news reporters that he had completed the shooting of the movie till 30th march and that the movie was in the editing stage.

Faisal stated that he had already set a schedule for the filming of the two songs of the movie but at the last moment, Moosa insisted on filming the songs with Raima Khan. He objected to this matter as this would have required modifications in the movie’s story. He said the movie’s success would have been impeded with the filming of the songs with the story’s villain with the story’s heroine. He said that he will soon reveal more astonishing news about the movie to the media.

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