After Famous Anchor Kamran Khan, Waseem Badami Also Joins Bol Tv

Waseem-BadamiAccording to sources, Waseem Badami has now engaged with BOL Network as he publicized that he has left ARY News. The famous anchorperson was supposed to be resigning the channel for a moment but in his October 3rd instalment of his show, The 11thHour, Waseem Badami publicized his decision to resign from ARY News.

Bol has already selected Kamran Khan as president and editor in chief for the channel. According to reliable sources, Waseem gave his resignation notice a month ago in September 2014 to the ARY administration and given out his one-month notice period as per the term of his contract good-naturedly. However, some essentials within ARY group and outside stimulated the rumour that Badami was terminated due to charges of being concerned in a dishonesty scandal.

However, According to inside sources from ARY News give surety that there was NO termination, as the resignation was given one month ago during working his notice period entirely and both the parties have finished their work relationship in a friendly manner.

Identified by his sharp commentary and new ideas towards political and recent affairs, Waseem Badami would be now another achievement for BOL as the part of its vision array of Pakistani Media along with senior and experienced journalist, Kamran Khan.

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