Children Might Be Banned From Performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia may ban children from performing HajChildren Might Be Banned From Performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Saudi government is believing  a ban on children under 10 years of age from performing the Haj next year, According to sources. The matter was considered at a meeting held recently, which was concentrated by the heads of pilgrim institutions and the officials of the Hajj ministry, Arab News reported in newspaper. The ministry has monitored that increasing temperatures and large number of people during the yearly pilgrimage put children at danger.

In addition, there is a huge opportunity of children catching diseases. Children might be banned from performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia. The Haj ministry’s field teams exposed hundreds of children, approximately two-thirds of them under the age of six, in Makkah and other holy sites during this year’s Hajj. Many of these children had gone down ill from the thorough strain forced on them during performing Hajj.

Saudi Arabia might ban children from performing Hajj. Diplomats from south Asian and southeast Asian countries suffer the proposal has worth while pilgrims, who carried their children to Hajj, said they did not have one to pay attention on them at home.

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