Biometrics Registration Date Extended Till April For Expat Women

Ministry Of Interior Saudi Arabia LogoExpatriate Women biometrics registration deadline has been extended until April, Passport Agency Directorate spokesman Lt. Col. Ahmed Al Laheedan Al-Hayat was quoted as published in the Saudi Arabia local newspaper. Fingerprint registration deadline for all passport department (Jawazat) services renewal was ended on December 23, 2014 except resident permit (Iqama). For the renewal of resident permit, fingerprinting and iris scanning is required and no single female expatriate would be able to renew her permit without this. Al Laheedan said that anyone who has crossed the age of 15 should register his or her fingerprints at the General Directorate for Passports. In this regards, 35 locations is 13 different areas have been prepared for women to register her fingerprints.

 Passport Agency Directorate spokesman also called on female expatriates as well as male to register their fingerprints for those who had not yet registered to obtain Jawazat services in case of emergencies and probably for anytime. Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia can also check their registered fingerprints by visiting Ministry of Interior website “” and click on the e-services feature. Expatriates are required to click ‘Passports’ in the template and select ‘Public Query Fingerprint Enrollment’ then enter their Iqama numbers, their status will be shown on screen.

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