Procedure to Renew Driving License in Bahrain

Bahrain LicenseThe driving license needs to be renewed at least before 3 months of its expiry date in Bahrain. The renewal service in Bahrain is provided by the General Directorate of traffic, the license of those who are under 60 years of age can be renewed.

Driving license renewal

The person who wants to get his/her license renewed needs to visit the Government portal where the private car license and license for the motorbike can be renewed. If there are no infringements registered against your license you will be simply directed ahead in the process of renewal of the license.

In the case there any breach of traffic regulations registered against your license you first need to pay the fine to clear the charges only then you will be allowed to advance further in the process of renewal. It is a compulsory requirement to pay all the contraventions before going for the renewal of the license.

In such a case where the Infringement charge has been forwarded to the court the applicant needs to visit the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) in person for the renewal of the license. The same also applies for the case of GCC Contraventions.

If a person who is above the age of 60 years wants to renew the license he/she has to undergo a medical checkup along with visiting GDT in person, the license will be renewed in such a case according to the directive of the GDT.

In case the license has expired, the applicant can still renew it under the condition if it didn’t expired 3 years before applying for the renewal. If 3 years have passed after the expiry date in such a case the applicant needs to undergo a medical checkup.

Renewing Through the Portal

The eGovernment portal can be accessed from here. Once it opens you need to click on the ‘Launch Service’ button in order to carry on the procedure. The screen will appear asking the driver details which are needed to be entered, once keyed in all the details you should click the submit button to submit the information you have provided. In case there is no contravention against you, you will be asked to key in the address at which the renewed license will be delivered following it you need to follow the payment procedure and at the end take out the print of the receipt.


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