How Can Pakistanis Apply For Norway Asylum

For a immigrant Norway asylum relates to a put of free stay in a foreign country. immigrant is a person who has been objected to utilization in his own country. while an asylum hunter is a person who approaches to Norway without allusion and permit and looks for asylum there that he has to be given guard there and took as a immigrant. Is the application is received then the asylum seeker would be asked a immigrant.

If the application is denied then you would have to essentially exit Norway; and after this you would not case an application for any other type of visa or permit. You would be relevant for asylum if you are mistreated or if you fear discrimination or cruel treatment in your home country.

How to Apply for Norway

  • You contains an responsibility to say the fact to the Norwegian authorities.
  • You have to go to the police to obtain for asylum. You would then be forwarded to the National Police Immigration Service in Oslo.
  • You are permitted to an¬†predictor when you are being recorded and interviewed. Interpreters are topic to a duty of privacy.

Compliance of the asylum application and listing with the police

  • You would be recorded by and have to present your asylum application to the National Police Immigration Service.
  • You have to shape your name, age and address.
  • You have to offer your passport and any other documents that would ask us who you are.
  • You have to shape the name, age and address of your closest relatives.
  • You would get your fingerprints taken.
  • You have to give details how you approach to Norway and whether you are in other countries on your way here.
  • You have to then temporarily give details why you are applying for asylum and what you dread.
  • After you are recorded, you would be provided to a travel reception center

What happens at the transit center?

  • Here you would live until you are stimulated to an ordinary asylum reception center.
  • You would be experienced for tuberculosis and have to experience a health examination.
  • The Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) would notify you about your rights and responsibility.
  • You would obtain information about what it is significant that you speak about in the asylum interview.

Norway has some different events for asylum applicants

  • If you are from a country where the residents would have help from their own authorities, your asylum application would be procedure and discarded within 48 hours.
  • All other applicants would contain their applications procedured pursuant to the standard process. This means that you would live in Norway as the UDI is giving out your application, and you would normally be given an answer after a few months.
  • If you give a crime and do not require defense, the UDI would procedure and discard your asylum application within a little space of time.

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