Bahauddin Zakria Express Schedule & Daily timings

bahaudin zakria expressPakistan is full of tourist sites when it comes to beauty and pleasure. Helping you reach you lucrative destinations is Bahauddin Zakria Express. It is a successful train which is running for a long time. The train carries the passengers from Multan and delivers it to Karachi on daily basis. The train starts its journey from Karachi 25 up and the stop at other end is same Multan 26 down. Train timings and various stops with their respective timings are available according to latest time table available for Pakistan Railway timings.

Training Timings and Stops from Karachi to Multan

From Karachi to Hyderabad:

Train starts its journey from Karachi city at 17:30, it reaches Karachi Cant at 17:40 where it waits for 10 minutes and then departs at 17: 50. Next stop is Landhi Jn where train reaches at 18:19, then Jungshahi at 19:04, Kotri Jn at 20: 02 and then Hyderabad Jn at 20: 20. Here the train waits for 15 minutes and leaves at 20: 35 for Tando Adam Jn.

From Tando Adam Jn to Daur:

The train reaches Tando Adam Jn at 21:15. From here the journey continues and the train touches many stops in between. The next station it reaches is Shahdadpur at 21:34, Nawabshah Jn at 22:07, Daur at 22:34. Here the train waits for 20 minutes and leaves this stop at 22:55.

From Daur to Rahim Yar Khan and Onwards:

From Daur train moves forward and touches the station of Mahrabpur Jn, Rohri Jn, Sadikabad and finally reached at Rahim Yar Khan at 4:37.

From here it continues and touches stations of Khanpur Jn, Feroza, Liaqat Pur, Dera Nawab Sahid, Samasata Jn till it reaches Bahawalpur at 7:43.

Train touches few station in between and reaches Malir Cant at 10:00

Train Timings from Multan to Karachi:

From Multan to Bahawalpur:

Train leaves Multan Cantt at 16:00. It continues from here at touches Shujabad at 16:33, Zarif Shaheed at 16:49, Gilawala at 17:08, Lodhran Jn at 17:42, and Bahawalpur at 18:07.

From Bahawalpur to Rahim Yar Khan:

Train leaves Bahawalpur at 18:07 and touches stations (in reverse order mentioned above) till it reaches Rahim Yar Khan at 20:57.

Rahim Yar Khan to Karachi:

From here train leaves at 21:00, touches Sadikabad, Rohri, and other station in reverse order to the mentioned above till it reaches Karachi Cant at 07:50, waits for 15 minutes and reaches Karachi city after further travelling of 10 minutes at 08:15.

Price of ticket and fares are not mentioned due to changes. Please consult the responsible department.

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