Applying For Canadian Visit Visa From Pakistan

CanadaIt is quite difficult to obtain a Visit Visa for Canada if you are applying from Pakistan. First thing to know is that there are few types of Visit Visas that Canadian High Commission offered Visas in Islamabad. A detail of such visit visas is as under:-

1. Single entry visit visa. If anyone intends to visit to Canada only for once, person may apply for Single entry Visit Visa. It is also advisable that if he is applying to visit Canada for the first time, this is the most excellent option for everyone to apply.

2. Multiple Entry Visit Visa. This will allow everyone to visit Canada for more than once within the fixed period. If anyone is applying for this first time, don’t apply for it and if you don’t have a previous travelling history.

3. Super Visa. This Visa is for those who intend to visit with child or grandchild. You can stay in Canada more than 24 months without renewal of Visa.

4. Family Visit Visa. If you are thinking of visiting one of your close relative in Canada, you would visit for family visit visa. You ought to attach required data to prove that you have a close relationship with the person you are willing to visit. A family visa can be a single entry visa or multiple entry visa. It depends how well-built your case is.

5. Business Visit Visa. This is for the businessmen those who intend to go to Canada. The applicant has to be proven that his visit is in link with his prospective business attached with Canada. A call letter from the Organization in Canada is the initial step to apply for this kind of visa.

The essential thing to remember that your applications filled in manually will not be accepted. On-line application forms have to be filled and get the print of them. All forms should be submitted at TCS Offices in your city.

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