Apple IPhone introduce Air bag to Prevent Screen Cracking

Islamabad: Apple Company has introduce air bag in order to prevent phone from screen cracking as phone will be activated and in case of falling from height and its screen remain protected with the use of newly launched air bag. Apple’s new invention named as “Active Screen Protection for electronic device” in which four bumpers will be set at the bottom of four corners of the mobile phone.

Active Screen Protection for electronic device will recognized as soon as the phone will fall and device’s bumpers will spread on the screen by absorbing the force of an injury and prevent your phone from breaking or screen cracking. However the bumpers of this device will work like Motorcycle jump and shock observer which has made with the help of polymer and ledraplastic. These bumpers will expand in case of falling and will keep the screen save from crackling or breaking.

On the other hand, Apple Company is also looking forward to put accelerometer, gyroscope and sensor which feels falling from the height in upcoming models of Iphone in order to facilitate this process. According to Apple, iPhone camera and audio system may be used for the screen protection while small motors will be setup in the device in order to run those bumpers of the device. It is worth mentioning here that screen of the Iphone 6S has made with Gorilla Glass and strong aluminum but still screen is declared as fragile and vulnerable part of the Iphone 6.

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