Actresses Who Were Stopped At The Airport

, Richa ChaddActress Richa Chadda, who had just taken off to Delhi for some work, was stopped at the Delhi airport for keeping a skincare product that stimulated the doubts of customs officials. A Mid-Day report says that the actress was coming back from Delhi to Mumbai. However to her surprise, Richa Chadda was detained and queries for approximately two hours at the airport.

According to source, the report adds that since she is following an Aryuvedic beauty treatment, she was having talc in her bag.The custom officials observed that beauty item and questioned her as it was a doubtful item for them. The actress is apparently surprised up as she never assumed that she would be detained for something as perky as talcum powder. She had to experience the two-hour difficult session.



Bipasha Basu:  A few years ago actress Bipasha Basu was detained at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai when she was on her way back from London. The actress, who was having a big bag, took up the green channel. But the officials soon wedged hold of her bag. Bipsha was detained and interrogate for over an hour. Afterwards paying 12,000 as duty, Bipasha was gone free.



sssShilpa Shetty: Shilpa was stopped at International airport in Mumbai. But this time the condition was far bad. A watch out notice had been provided by a court in Alwar, where she had been fined with obscenity. The incident came as a big discomfiture to the actress. Though later she explained the papers from the Supreme Court which got her name free from any such charges.



prePreity Zinta:  The cheerful beauty Preity Zinta was detained and asked to show her recognition papers at International airport. And this absolutely did not drop too well with the actress. Both the parties rejected to move and this led to a big e chaos at the airport. At last though, Preity quited and provided them her recognition papers after which the authorities approved her to go.



ansAnushka Sharma:  Anushka Sharma went through an alike experience when she was detained by customs. Anushka was having two secret Dior watches worth 35 lakhs each and diamond jewellery. The actress was coming back to India after attendance the IIFA awards in Singapore. When Anushka shaped all the papers and proofs, she was approved to board the flight.

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