Karachi School And College Girls Casted In Drama Serials

admin-ajax.phpKarachi: A recent report has been published that has astonishingly revealed the casting of Karachi’s female students in the drama productions. According to details, some of the drama producers of Karachi television have started to cast the young girls of the schools and colleges of Karachi in their drama serials. These drama producers are seeking to reduce the budget of their drama productions. So they came up with a new formula that would introduce new faces on the screen and also reduce their budget thus maximizing their profits.

As the television actresses are charging a high fee to act in the various roles in these drama productions, the TV producers have started offering roles to the teenage girls of schools and colleges. In this way, the TV producers can cast one expensive actress and then compensate their expenses by casting the school and college students besides them. The college and school girls pounce at this opportunity to act in these drama serials as at this age, all they want is glamour and fame in their lives.

The young school and college girls are acting for free in these drama serials just so that they can get a taste of the glamour world. This may seem a trivial matter, but it will have adverse effects on the young school and college going girls. Parents should take heed and prevent their daughters from engaging in such activities. Already, negative effects are being observed in the young generation, who are running away from their education and wasting their youth in such worthless activities. In addition, it is also having negative effects on the personalities of the young generation as well.

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