3 Possible Places That Could Be Affected By Next Earthquake

EarthquakeThe recent devastated earthquake in Nepal has taken many innocent lives and death toll has reached 7250, according to the officials of Nepal. While more than 14,000 are injured including men, women and children. Around 100 people have also become a victim of this earthquake in India, China and Bangladesh. Many big buildings in Nepal were collapsed as a result of this disastrous earthquake and hundreds of thousand people have lost their homes. This condition has forced all the scientists to think about the next victim of next earthquake.

In order to alert the world for next devastated earthquake, some seismologists and other experts have mentioned the 3 possible places on earth that could be affected by next earthquake. It has been also revealed by them that there are several spots around the world face the potential for an earthquake.

“Anytime you dump that amount of kinetic energy into a major city, bad things will happen,” said by seismologist of Stanford University, Gregory Beroza.

Below are the 3 possible cities which have more chances to be affected by next big earthquake:


The capital of Iran is located near three main fault lines. A new sediment on which the city of Tehran is built is not able to support buildings when the ground shakes. While building new homes, the builders have not focus on earthquake readiness and the city has grown very speedily. In 2010, Iranian officials have created a financial incentives to motivate around 5 million Iranians to leave Tehran, to reduce the risk of disaster. According to a Reuters report, there’s a 90% chance of a magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquake in the coming decades. The location of Tehran and poor construction could be the reasons of disaster as a result of even minor earthquake in the region.


According to a World Bank report, during the 20th century more than 1 Lac people were died across the country. The risk of earthquake has not decreased in the recent years. Istanbul is the most populous city of Turkey and there are many big buildings and shopping plazas in the city, but the fact is that they does not meet the standard of safe construction in order to survive from an earthquake. It was also revealed by study which was conducted in 2000, that there are more than 60% chances to experience a magnitude 7.0 earthquake by the year 2030. Some experts have claimed that the city could lose thousands of innocent lives as a result of next earthquake.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, which is the most populous city of the United States has devoted many resources in the event of a large earthquake to prevent a humanitarian disaster. Despite of this fact, after spending lots of money and time they are still unprepared for the possible devastating earthquake that could hit the big cities. According to a report of United States Geological Society, the area of Los Angeles has more than two third chances to experience a 6.7 magnitude or bigger earthquake by 2038. It is also to be noted that 57 people were killed in 1994 earthquake in Northridge, which was consisting of 6.7 magnitude.

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