Websites Protest against WHT & Internet Tax Laid in Pakistan

internet-taxRecently government has imposed taxes on internet services announced in a press conference held in Lahore. Bloggers and internet companies have recorded their protest against heavy taxes imposed. Punjab government imposed a heavy tax of 19.5 % on all internet companies on monthly packages of more than 1500 or more on 2Mbps and more speed. In Punjab tax was levied on all kinds of internet services used by the customers including 3G, 4G, EVDO, DSL, fiber and others. It is also expected that the tax will be imposed in other provinces also.

Different blogs, top websites and organizations including professional bodies have recoded their protest against imposed internet taxes by putting black banners and black home screens on the internet. IN collective 3 billion will be collected by Punjab government in terms of internet taxes this year. Moreover according to PLUM research on Pakistan there will be Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 billion loss in five years due to decrease on internet uptake. According to researches slowness of internet intake will cause an adverse impact on Pakistani economy that is already struggling.

Punjab government has taken many steps for digitization and its progress and has also distributes laptops to students but on the other side increased taxes on internet will not be fruitful in growth of digital media. Enormous business and work has been carried out at internet in fields of education, banking, health and others but the imposed taxes will cause a barrier in their development.


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