Turkey’s Engineer Designed Prayer Rug That Highlights Qiblah

praying rugIslamabad: An engineer from Turkey has designed prayer rug that highlights the direction of Qibla. New innovative prayer rug can easily be folded and it gets brighter automatically when its meet with the direction of Qibla. The modern system installed in prayer rug is set to get brighter when it directed towards the real position of the Qibla.

However, new prayer rug will be very helpful for those people who find difficulty in order to know about exact direction of Qibla especially on new locations. Foreign media quoted a Turkish engineer that he had decided to make flying board but then he suddenly changed his mind and though that to make that type of prayer rug which can also highlight the direction of Qibla. In this regard, Turkish engineer said that this innovative prayer rug will be very helpful for you if you are on a trip or at unknown location where you don’t know about the direction of Qibla.

We all have to face this situation once in a blue moon when we don’t know the exact location of Qibla but if you have this modern prayer rug then there is no need to worry. Prayer rug just need to move in all the four directions and where it starts to shine, you have easily found the direction of Qibla.

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