Survey Finds Overseas Students As Hardest Workers & Labors

International-StudentA recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom (UK) reveals that the foreign students studying in UK tend to work hard in their studies and the students who are working to finance their own expenses along with the studies are also considered as hard workers. The result of the polls suggest that the foreign students are known to be harder working as compared to the British Students.

The poll itself surveyed International Undergraduate students studying in the UK. A considerable amount of students had a view that foreign students are equal in caliber to that of the British Students. Whereas a mere 4% said that the foreign students are less hard working. The experts viewed the presence of the foreign students as healthy for the education system of the UK and for the students themselves. Universities in the UK have a large number of foreign students along with the Faculty.

The report viewed the presence of foreign students as beneficial for the learning environment. The student body also constitutes of students from a number of diverse countries which has its own benefit for the students themselves and the whole higher education system as well. Some experts had the view that the classes which had only British Students tend to produce graduates with a limited vision and mindset contrary to the classes which hosted students from different cultures.


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