Sublimotion Ibiza; World’s Most Expensive Restaurant

Ibiza: This world is full of weird occurrences. Somewhere you will see people dying of hunger due to scarcity of food, while in some places people are spending extravagantly on the food palate of their choice. The money spent on lavish lifestyles is sometimes so much that it seems absolutely bizarre.

Same is the case of the world’s most expensive restaurant, Sublimotion, located at the beautiful island of Ibiza.[alert-success]The cost of food per person at this restaurant is about 1,250 pounds, which amounts to approximately 2 lac, 8 thousand rupees! [/alert-success]Well you may think that who would be stupid enough to spend extravagantly on such a restaurant? But guess what? People are lining up to dine in this restaurant and there is a long list of people waiting for their turn to dine in this restaurant.


According to the owner of this restaurant, Chef Paco Roncero, maintaining a restaurant in Ibiza is very expensive and the type of services offered in Sublimotion, requires high costs. The restaurant can only house 12 people at a time. Its environment changes according to the food being served. Not only that, the fragrance and temperature of the room will also change according to the cuisine being served.resturent-2

The idea launched by the Chef is unique and is attracting many people who can afford such expenses on their entertainment.

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