Steps To Deal With Car Theft Through Cheap Home Made Tracker

car stealingCar theft is on the rise and people are faced with the problem of tracking their cars in case of theft. Some of the car tracking systems are really expensive to afford and hence makes it hard to keep your car safe. Well, users the following simple steps will eliminate the need for tracking systems. A car thief usually takes 2 minutes to steal your car inspite of whatever type of tracking system you have installed in your car. The best way to track your car is to keep a mobile phone hidden in a safe place in your car.

First purchase a low cost mobile phone with a long standby time such as, the Q mobile model that runs for 10 days (always re-charge mobile after 10 days when its battery gets low). Install a mobile network in your mobile with the best connectivity. Then keep your mobile on silent mode. Wrap your mobile in a plastic sheet to keep it clean when hidden in the car. Call on this phone to make sure that it is responding. Now hide it in a safe place in your car.

If your car is stolen, report the incident to the police at 15. The police will call on the number of your hidden mobile phone and then track it within a short time. Keep your mobile charged and check it every week.

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