The Situation Of Meat Export Business In Pakistan

Pakistan has begun to taking the initiate step toward become international market player of chilled Halal meat producers. Pakistan exports red meat products to Middle East. That’s why Pakistan is one of the largest meat exporters in Gulf countries. It is one of the most recognized of Pakistani businessmen according to the Pakistan Halal Authority.

At this time Pakistan businessmen have tuff time due to Pakistan country negative brand image. We have extraordinary natural strength owing to which we can effectively compete the global market of Halal products. While Halal food products is one the fast growing segment in global trade market.

Pakistan is making plan to take complete benefits of its geographical location. It is near the Muslim countries including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other gulf counties.

Pakistan share in export is around 5% of the world trade according to the Halal International Authority (HIA).

Meat Exporter Companies In Pakistan

There are many companies who are meat exporter and mention market capture ratio according to Paklstan Halal Authority  (PHA)which are as follows.

  1. Al Shaheer Corporation Ltd. 33% market capture
  2. Pak Meat and Food Company  31%market capture
  3. Foodex 28% market capture
  4. Fauji Meat Pvt. Ltd. 7% market capture
  5. Anis Associate Pvt. Ltd. 4% market capture

By Talha Pasha

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