Shop in Oldest Market Grand Bazaar While Touring Istanbul

Grand-Bazaar-IstanbulWhen we visit a new we try to buy something from there which we will keep with us to recall the memories of that place. If going to Istanbul is on the plan then read on I will tell you about a great place to shop in Istanbul. The place I am referring to is none other but the ‘Grand Bazaar’ again without any surprises the Grand Bazar is present from 1455 although the evolution kept the Bazaar changing to different shapes.

The Bazaar spreads along 61 streets which houses more than 3000 shops. The grand Bazaar in 2014 was ranked number one tourist attraction in the world for being the most visited place. It attracts around 400,000 visitors a day (as per an approximation). The Bazaar can be accessed by four gates each has its own name. Each of the gate is present in the North, South, East and West of the Bazaar respectively. You can shop for Jewelry, Furniture, Carpets, and Leather Goods along with clothing casual clothing and leather clothing as well.

You can visit the Bazaar any day except Sundays and Bank Holidays the Bazaar remains closed on the said days, otherwise it open at 9 in the morning and trade keeps on going till 07:00 pm. The Bazaar is located in the Faith District of Istanbul.

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