Punjab Launches Overseas Property Transfer Service Empowering Overseas Pakistanis

In a move to facilitate overseas Pakistanis in property matters, Chief Minister Punjab has announced the launch of the Overseas Pakistani Property Transfer Service.

This initiative aims to streamline mutation and registration services for properties owned by overseas Pakistanis in Punjab.

Overseas Pakistanis often encounter challenges in transferring their property due to bureaucratic procedures, lengthy processing times, and lack of streamlined services.

Complex documentation requirements, bureaucratic red tape, and delays in mutation and registration processes contribute to the difficulties faced by overseas Pakistanis.

These issues can hinder property transactions and create frustration for individuals seeking to manage their properties from abroad.

Streamlining Property Transactions

During a meeting of the Board of Revenue in Punjab, the Chief Minister approved the launch of the Overseas Property Transfer Service. This decision comes as part of efforts to simplify and expedite property transfer procedures for overseas Pakistanis.

The new service will enable overseas Pakistanis to transfer property ownership seamlessly, eliminating bureaucratic hurdles and delays.

Expansion of Land Facilitation Centers

In addition to the Overseas Property Transfer Service, the CM shared plans to establish land facilitation centers in 11 divisions of Punjab by June 30th. These centers will serve as one-stop destinations for property-related transactions, providing convenient and efficient services to citizens.

The expansion of such centers demonstrates the government’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and transparency in land matters across the province.

Enhancing Accessibility and Transparency

The launch of the Overseas Property Transfer Service and the establishment of land facilitation centers underscore the Punjab government’s dedication to empowering overseas Pakistanis and streamlining property transactions.

By leveraging technology and improving administrative processes, the government aims to enhance accessibility, transparency, and efficiency in property-related services.

These initiatives are expected to benefit both overseas Pakistanis and locals, fostering a conducive environment for property ownership and investment in Punjab.

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