Plan a Tour in Rigi – Queen of Mountains in Switzerland

Mt RigiThe beautiful Mount Rigi located in Central Switzerland is known as Queen of all the mountains in Switzerland. Surrounded by beautiful lakes, Rigi’s summit stands almost 5900 feet above sea level. Lake Lucerne touches one side of the mountain the other side neighbors with Lake Laurez yet any other beautiful tourist attraction. The third lake which shares the neighborhood with Mount Rigi is the Lake Zug. The mountain range is divided into the Cantons of Schwyz and the beautiful Lucerne, but the main summit of Rigi is present in Canton of Schwyz.

Mount Rigi itself is part of North Eastern Swiss Alps Range. The beautiful area is very famous for number of sports and recreational activities which are different in summers and winters respectively. In the cold times of winter adventurous sports like sledging and skiing are offered whereas the summer time attracts the tourists for hiking and sightseeing as the Mount itself is surrounded by beautiful lakes and sceneries. Approximately area of 90 square km is dedicated there for different sports and recreational activities, which includes well maintained walking tracks and marked spots for sightseeing. In the winters skiing and snowboarding along with Airboarding and Tobogganing are the popular activities in the area.

The Mount Rigi hosts number of peaks the highest peak being Rigi-Kulm followed by Rigi Hochflue and Rigi Dossen is also one of the peaks present on the Mountain. Rotstock and Rigi Scheidegg also form the part of the league of peaks present at Mount Rigi. The Mountain’s name ‘Rigi’ is believe to be derived from the word ‘Riginen’ which implies to the process of dividing into strata as the Northern side of the mountain seems to be in the shape of a strata which itself is the identification mark of the Mount Rigi. The tourists have numerous options to use for exploring the Mount Rigi, numerous modes of public transport are available to get upto Mount Rigi.


The Rack Railway which goes all the way up to summit Rigi-Kulm from Vitznau and Arth-Goldau is one of the world’s first electrified standard gauge rack-railway.

The other option which may be availed is the lift, the gondola lift goes from Weggis uptill Rigi-Kaltbad. You may also like to ascend via the cable car which starts from Kräbel station and goes up to Rigi-Scheidegg. There is a sports center present in Rigi-Kulm from where the equipment for Snowboarding, Skiing and other activities may be rented or even purchased.

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