PIA Should Upgrade Airbus  To Attract Foreign Passengers

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) Country Manager of Japan and China Bashir Uddin said that Pakistani passenger should travel to China, Japan and other countries through our national airline.  We are passing through crucial time that’s why we are requesting them to travel through PIA.

Further Bashir Uddin said that we are trying hard to increase the number of flights for China and Japan. Further we are working to upgrade Air Buses and those air buses are ubale to flights it will be removed.


Federal government should understand the importance of PIA. It can generate huge money for our economy. They should be working on these

  • Resolve customer queries
  • Discontinue old Airbus
  • Purchase new airs buses and upgrade it from time to time
  • Apply new management techniques
  • Manage departure and landing timing
  • Ticket price should be less than other airline.
  • Establish new run-ways and terminals for domestic and international flights
  • Train the crew, flight and airport staff through different training workshops

If they will follow these guidelines our airline will become better.

By Talha Pasha

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