Upcoming Elections And The Corrupt Leaders

It’s a pity that corrupt, illiterate, loan defaulters and drunken people will participate in elections and rule on us. Scrutiny of politicians through article 62 and 63 was a good gesture. It was stopping many black sheep’s to participate in elections.

The theme of law was very simple but unprofessional behavior of election commissioners and propaganda of politicians changed the whole scenario. It’s simple that we need educated, honest and Muslim leaders to run this country. People that drink can’t drive a car then how can we select them to drive our country?  When we appoint a security guard for a mosque, we check that he is a good Muslim then how can we allow seculars to rule our country?

There are some so-called liberals and seculars in our country that don’t even know the meaning of liberalism. These people are very few but they are affecting our country. These jokers have their own criteria, if you pass their criteria, you are a good, educated Pakistani or else you are idiot. Now what are their criteria? You have to drink wine, you must hate Islam and the Muslims, You have to speak against mosques, you must hate bearded man, and you should be against ideology of Pakistan and two nations theory. These are the people that were born with golden spoon in their mouth and their grandparents were slaves of the British that ruled on us and now they are slaves of seculars that hate Islam and the Muslims.

Debate on Ideology of Pakistan made me think about it if it is really wrong? I searched a lot and found a simple answer that Pakistan came into existence with the name of Islam and a lot of Muslims sacrificed their lives for the partition. We, Pakistanis, are very kind and soft hearted people, we can allow minorities to live in our country but we can’t afford them to rule on us or to make jokes or fun of our religion. People that don’t know any thing about Islam should not rule on Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In our democracy, Allah is sovereign and we need only Muslims to rule. It’s sad that no one supported this good step by judiciary to filter the black sheep’s from Politicians.

I hope our journalists, our nation, our interim government will stop corrupt, illiterate, secular and anti-Pakistani people to participate in current elections.

M.Mohsin Shahbaz


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