Pakistan’s First Ever Solar Plane Ready to Fly

Lahore: Engineering students from University of Management and Technology (UMT) have designed Pakistan’s first solar plan. Two students Abdul Mateen and Syed Muhammad Junaid was working on this idea for long time but now they have successfully completed the designed model of a plan that runs on solar power. The airplane name is “Shams One”, Shams is an Arabic word which means sun.

This plan can fly day and night without any fuel; only use the solar power which is stored in its single battery. Students claim that by using this model, they can create a real plan like Swiss solar airplane “Solar Impulse”. They said that the components used in this model are imported but idea and talent is purely Pakistani.

Solar Plane

Head of UMT Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad said that in our country where most of the things are imported, but the geniuses like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and now these students are showing their talents one after another. Dr Hasan also added that this is not the first time previously our student have created solar can and one of our faculty member won US Patent in radar technology.

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