How Pakistanis Can Apply For Albania Visa?

Pakistan Albania FlagWe are here to share some information about Albania visa process and requirements. Albania is small, mountainous and beautiful European country; it has Muslims and christens majority population near about 3.2 million.

Most of the people want to know some general information about Albania, how to go Albania legally, what is the process of visa, cost of visa, visa type, visa duration moreover official website and contact.

Visa Application Requirements:

Requirements of visa depend upon purpose of visa, which kind of visa you want to get. Suppose if want to get visa for truism it will need some basic documents but if you are willing to get business visa, there will be different process.

Transit Travel, Business and Tourist Travel Requirements:

Albanian gives this visa for on regional basis, no visa require for United State Of America (USA), European union country, New Zealand, Australia and member of European free trade association (EFTA). Person from here will need only ID card or ordinary passport, if you entry without visa you can stay here 30 to 90 day, but for Pakistanis have to take visa before arrival. For the process or more detail must contact to nearest embassy in region. Embassy detail is below the page.

Fee and requirements:

Cost of visa will be according to duration and some document will need like.

  • For tourist visa original passport must be needed for the citizen of Pakistan.
  • Also Singed passport valid for six month after you stay.
  • Passport must have at least one blank page for stamps.
  • Confirm round trip ticket.

All above mention document must be need but it is possible some more documents will need for verification.

Student Visa Requirements:

Albania has good education system but compare to others European countries. Literacy rate of Albania is 98.7 percent, one of the highest in region of Europe.

The University of Tirana was founded in 1957 and it is oldest university of country.

Both private and government universities existing in Albania.  There is lots of opportunity are available for international students.

Fee and requirements:

Some of basic requirements are needed but visa requirements differ country to country.

  • If you want to get admission in any Albanian university, your educational program must be accepted by any university of Albanian state.
  • If you want to take admission, you must have health insurance.
  • Student must be good in financial condition because take care their self during the stay.

Fee structure is different in Albania, because government does not give the structure so in some cases costs of can range from €2000 up to €6000 per year.

Permanent Resident (PR) Visa/Residence Permit, Work Visa Requirements:

So basic question of people can I work on Albania?

Here is the answer, first you have to take visa of country after that once visa is issued you will have to take temporary residence permit.

For work permit, along application following document must be needed.

  • Original photocopy of individual employment contract (translated into Albanian language attested by notary).
  • Copy Passport attested by notary.
  • Five photos must be needed.
  • Special Power Of Attorney Company must be engaged in providing such services.
  • Decision of registration must in legal way.

The cost of work permits 45Euro approx and varies on terms and condition time to time. Residence permit process can take 30days. And, residence permit duration can be 3, 6 or 12 months. A permanent residence permit can be issued if person lives 5 year peacefully according to rule of country.

E-visa, Visa on Arrival Requirements:

There is no e-visa service for Pakistan or also visa on arrival so Pakistanis has to take visa before going to Albania in future it can be possible these options will available for Pakistan.

For more details contact at the following address & numbers:

Embassy of Albania in Islamabad Pakistan.

Address: House No. 231 Str. 18, Sector F – 10/2 Islamabad Pakistan

Phone: +92-51-290-740,

Fax: +92-51-290-750

Albania Honorary Consul, Karachi.

Legal Representative / CEO: Zafar Ansar, Honorary Consul

Website: N/A

Category: Embassies & Consulates


Contact Person: Zafar Ansar, Honorary Consul.

Company: Albania Republic Honorary Consul – Karachi.

Address: 16-B, South, Circular Avenue, D.H.A., Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Telephone 1: 92-213-5886901

Telephone 2: 92-213-5886902

Fax: 92-213-5846455

Mobile Number: 92–2225555

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