Millions Of Women In The World Are Working On Low Wages, UN Report

Working WomenIn this 21st century where claims are made for ending gender discrimination, millions of women in the world are working on low wages. According to a report issued by United Nations, social and public services are affecting badly due to financial cuts off. These services lead women to work on daily wages freely and opportunities to work with gender equality. UN Women, the subsidiary organization of UN has said that millions of women are present in the world, who are still working on low wages.

According to a report, women are working on 24% less daily wages as compared to the men. The director of the organization said that the women mostly working on the sugarcane fields are facing gender discrimination. The report also said that the women earn just half of the income in their entire life as compared to men.

The report also suggests that we should have to create the economies where women should be given first priority, in order to change their lifestyle. This report also provides 10 recommendations for the governments to adopt them, which can ensure the social and economic rights of women.

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