Match Fixing Allegations In Fifa World Cup 2014

ghana footbal teamNairobi: Cricket was once a loved sport but its glamour has been diminished ever since the advent of match fixing. Unfortunately, recent reports have revealed that the same match fixing issue has also plagued the football cup of 2014. According to the sources, the football organization of Ghana is ready to negotiate with the match fixers and gamblers and is happy to involve its team in the match fixing scam.

The true face of the Ghana Football organizations was revealed when the journalists of Telegraph newspaper and Channel 4 TV disguised themselves as gamblers and held a meeting with the president of the Ghana football association. The president of the Ghana team agreed to have his team play in games which were fixed.

Ghana’s team has reached a crucial stage in the football championship, where it was able to draw the match against Germany with two goals after an intense match. The journalists are engaged in the fight against match fixing where they reveal the true culprits behind match fixing to sabotage any attempts to fix the match. The matter of match fixing is currently being investigated by the Ghana police.

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