Karachi seaside the Arabian ocean Needs Attention!


seaside karachiA week ago when I insisted a friend to come along with me and to have a visit by sea-view-side but he (because He was not She) was reluctant to go there, somehow he agreed to accompany. After a short while we were there, Karachi seaside the Arabian ocean. Sea a cheap recreational place to visit and wander.

I asked the dude lets go to the seawater as I want to walk on the sea sand and soak my feet into sea water, my only desire coming here was to have a walk along side seashore, as I need relaxation and riddance from the stress and anxieties of life we accumulate in Karachi’s stressful environment every day.

My friend was making a face to go to enter the salt water as horses wince the waters. I was pleading him brother what harms you to remove your shoes off and have a gentle walk along the seashore, I was confused why he is irritable and reluctant to walk down the seashore. I assured him don’t worry no one will take away our shoes or we can take our shoes with us just 15 minutes brisk walk then back to pavilion. Finally the camel came down the mountain.

There are beaches around the world with blue skies and blue seas, with swaying palms and pristine waters, well maintained and preserved from all kinds of the dirt and dust and they offer many luxuries to tourists, local community and public rush there in their holidays. Friends and Families, elders and kids together go and stay there and enjoy the exotic natural environment of beaches.

Then there are we who go to the seas fully clad and clothed, covered from elbows to ankles and still find ourselves besieged and blushed, victims of typical Pakistani morality.
What an embarrassment!!!?

It really was an embarrassment and shame to see the sea. I have taken few snapshots and recorded clips to show you how worse is the situation of Karachi sea view side with broken discolored benches and umbrella shades made few years ago, cracked and patched pavements and of all the littered sea area.

You can see the scattered objects and rubbish on sandy area. Not to talk of foul odor. Someone say this is result of new construction alongside the sea view side, builder mafias, gutter lines gushing directly to sea waters and adding up free flow of factories chemical waste.
Who makes the sea dirty?
We….we drop the bags, empty cans and plastic bottles carelessly and leave rubbish scattered everywhere there.
Who leave this chemical waste to seawater?
We (factories and construction mafias)….we living in lush areas, driving in best luxury cars, working under cool office environment and when it comes to flush out….we have none better place other than sea.

Who is more negligent on this side?

We the government, local authorities, civic bodies accomplice with public to drop the garbage everywhere as this is their own land…… real estate owners, as they think all land is properties of their fathers so why not high rise and all bowl movement to seawater…..rest makes most the worst of all things are our industrialists the so called warrantors and guarantors of our country’s progress and prosperity. They have license to kill, killing human beings, species, plants, animals and fuck up the ecosystem of seas.

Drop Scene

My friend told me in last that this was the reason he was reluctant to go to seaside as he had already been there a month ago with his family and they returned home nauseated in the evening after visiting the sea.

By Ali Raza

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