Where to Invest Rs. 1 million in Pakistan?

Want to invest around 8 to 10 lacs (around 1 million rupees) somewhere I can earn a profit without investing time and with a peace of mind that my investment is secure, moreover I can give 25k per month in addition to the 8 lac investment. First thing which comes to mind is property investment. I am from Karachi.

Al Meezan investment.  Remember Meezan Bank and Al Meezan is a separate entity…. so one of my friend invested in Al Meezan investment and he got a handy dividend in very short time…. that’s all I can tell you rest of the information you have to collect at your end may be by visiting them…. important thing is the investment will be safe and you can have a track of your amount since it’s a genuine platform to invest.

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Buy 2 Alto and register with careem/ uber. You can get around 50k per month. Careem best for you as hire the driver and give him a good salary so that he will give you the good profit and take care of your car also.

Fund management. Commodities trading, stocks. You don’t have to do anything trader will trade on your behalf.

For property you will need a lot more and trust me property is the most beneficial form of investment these days.

I planned to invest in karachu bahria unballoted plots, a month back they were worth 13 lacs and now 16 lacs.

Well, there are many startups out here who are always looking for funding. By investing in some, you won’t even help them grow, but will also be a part of startups in Pakistan.

Or invest with someone in a coworking space who on top of investment, will also handle the operations. This way, you will get a reasonable monthly revenue.

My two cents – ‘NONE’ of what has been mentioned above by people is capital secured. If you’re not willing to risk your capital, do one or more than one of few things:

– Invest Savings Certificates – Capital is 100% guaranteed.
– Check whether there’s any bank or fund manager trades ‘specifically’ in paki T Bills or foreign sovereign bonds
– Shop for Term Deposit certificates

Above are majority of methods where your capital will be secured. Rates will be lower – but risk will be next to none.

The sweet spot is where you can:
– Exit your investments at moments notice;
– Invest in diversified securities, such as stocks (domestic and foreign), commodities, currencies etc at the same time

What you’re looking for is good stable profits, not mind boggling figures such as 40% or 60%. These returns are good for short term opportunities – buy the dip and sell the position once it moves up. Such growth rates are usually temporary – the underlying needs to grow at that rate.

I’d invest in a property fund but never in a property itself in Pakistan. Too risky.

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