Inspector Hyderabad Had Been Arrested In Case Of Bribe

Inspector Hyderabad Junedal Shah has been arrested on the order of Sindh High court Hyderabad circuit bench. He was supporting target killer and criminal groups on behalf of bribe.

According to the report Atta Muhammad Laghari submitted application against him. His son Abbas Ali and Hira wanted to marry against the will of her family. She was also living in Badin but her brother killed them before it could be solemnized. This case could not be prosecuted in proper way because of the action of Inspector and Sub Inspector. That’s why Director Inspector General (DIG) Hyderabad forwarded case to Deputy Superintend Police (DSP) Tando Jam. DSP Tando Jam forwarded case to Assistant Director (AD) Superintend Police (SP) inspector Junedal Shah for further verification.

He demanded bribe of Rs. 85000 for case proceeding. Then he told that we are unable to trace him.

Sindh High Court Hyderabad circuit bench was shown video during procedding in which inspector was receiving bribe. Due to this reason court issued order to anti corruption establishment to register case against him.

By Talha Pasha

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