Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Karachi Design, Map & Location

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Karachi

Grand Jamia Masjid is the grand mosque of Bahria Town Karachi which on construction will not only be the biggest mosque in Pakistan but also the third largest mosque in the world.

The Jamia Masjid is considered the landmark project of Bahria Town Karachi, being the biggest structure being constructed in the biggest housing project of Pakistan.

Another landmark project in Bahria Town Karachi is the Rafi Cricket Stadium, which on completion will be the biggest cricket stadium in Pakistan.

Design & Architecture:

Bahria Town Grand Jamia Mosque

The design of Grand Jamia Masjid is mainly inspired from Mughal style architecture which are known for building skeptical mosques including the Badshahi Masjid Lahore and Jama Masjid Dehli.

What’s more beautiful is that the Grand Jamia Masjid in Bahria Town Karachi combines and draws inspiration from all Islamic architecture styles including Turkey, Malaysia & Iran. The interior work will be an explicit reflection of art work of Sindh, Bukhara, Samarqand and Mughal.

Like many historical mosques of the Islamic world the mosque will have a single giant minaret of 325 feet which will be visible from different parts of Bahria Town Karachi and will increase the beauty of the mosque.

Famous Pakistani architect Nayyar Ali Dada designed the Grand Jamia Masjid Karachi. He also designed the Grand Jamia Mosque in Bahria Town Lahore which is considered the biggest mosque in Pakistan with an indoor capacity of 25,000 and total capacity of 70,000 worshippers.

As per the design exterior blocks of the masjid will be decorated with white marble and beautiful geometric design patterns and the interior with traditional Islamic calligraphy, mosaic ceramics, tiles and marbles.

Construction & Capacity:

Jamia Masjid Bahria Town Karachi construction

The construction of Jamia masjid started in 2015 and the ground breaking ceremony was done by Nosherwan, who is the oldest employee of Bahria Town Karachi.

It is spread over an area 200 acres and 1,600,000 sq ft constructed area making it the biggest concrete structure of Pakistan and the biggest mosque of the country.

The total indoor capacity of the mosque is 50,000 and outdoor capacity of the Jamia Masjid Bahria Town is around 800,000 making it the third largest mosque after Masjid-al-Haram and Masjid-al-Nabvi. It consists of 500 arches and 150 domes making it among the most magnificent mosques in the world.

Location & Map:

It is located on the Jinnah Commercial Avenue which connects the Grand Jamia Masjid with other precinct and areas of Bahria Town Karachi.

Check this Google Map to know the exact location:

Other features:

The Grand Jamia Mosque is not only a masjid but will also an Islamic Community Centre which will consist of:

  • Islamic Research Centre
  • Islamic Museum spread over an area of 200,000 sq ft
  • Islamic Cultural Centre
  • International University
  • Islamic Library with 500,000 books
  • Hi Tech Laboratory
  • Auditorium with 700 seat capacity

These institutes and centers will make it a place which will preserve and propagate the Islamic cultural heritage.

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