Increased Cubans Going To Foreign Countries

The Cuban ruling regime on Monday said that a large number of its citizens were moving abroad due to the weakening of restrictions on travel to foreign countries. As a result 35 percent of Cubans had migrated from their country.The deputy director of immigration Colonel Lamberto Fraga Hrnandez said that the main countries were the citizens of Cuba are moving is Spain, United States of America and Mexico.
The newly implemented law removed the mainly disliked condition that an exit visa was required while anyone leaves the country. This law also weekend other difficulties which were disheartening the citizens to move abroad.
The deputy director said that almost 226,877 citizens of Cuba had moved abroad because of the newly implemented law on Jan 14. He also added that if they had compared the similar time period of 2012 then at that period the migrated population was 167,684.
Cubans now are able to travel out of country for almost 2 years with no restrictions to come to their home country in order to renew passports. MR. Lamberto said that 58 percent of the citizens had returned and 24,000 citizens had traveled more than once this year.
The immigration director said in a Havana news conference that the latest immigration measures had an affirmative impact due to which the citizens are traveling in a normal way rather than fleeing. He added that the major problem these days that bounds Cubans’ travel is to get a visa.
Previously, the country reported that a record 46,000 people had permanently left the country in 2012. While reports emerged for USA that there was an increase seen in the amount of Cubans who came to the country from Mexico because of the newly implemented law which automatically greets them.
Cuba’s previous travel rule was passed in 1961 to slow the journey of citizens after Cuban revolution in 1959 which strictly controlled their activities. Dissimilar in other communist states, the new law of Cuba to freely travel abroad gives advantage to many unorthodox of coming and leaving the country as they please.
This law passed by the President Raul Castro is a great improvement for the country. For those who have legal cases in pending still can face restrictions on travelling abroad and also restrictions can made for national security reasons.
However, a latest report states that the American tourism is on peek to the Cuban island. The government representatives of Cuba said that a large number of Americans with the Cuban-Americans travel are visiting Cuba every year.
The national statistics office said that in 2011 the number of USA tourists was 73,500 which were raised to more than 98,000 USA tourists in 2012. The travel agents and U.S diplomats approximated that in those tourists the figure of Cuban-Americans were not over 350,000.

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