How to Find Jobs in Dubai (UAE)?

The market condition in Pakistan is not good from many years, because of limited job opportunities and low income people are being forced to try their luck in other countries. The first choice of people from Pakistan are the Gulf countries, especially Dubai in United Arab Emirates(UAE).

The main reason for visiting Dubai is because it’s near, the air tickets are cheaper, people already know someone from Pakistan who is working there and the opportunities to find good job are great.

Visa Duration:

Three months visit visa is ideal while people usually take 1 month tourist visa, so if you are there for 3 months your chances of being hired are far greater. Remember Dubai is an expensive city so carry some extra cash for your daily expenses in Dubai.

Stay In Dubai:

Arrange your stay in Dubai before you reach there, use your resource because it’s unbelievable that anyone from your circle is not in Dubai. Also make sure your stay is near metro station to minimize your expenses and ease of travelling.

Applying For Jobs:

Start applying for jobs from Pakistan because companies usually takes time to respond. Before leaving for Dubai you should use your last 7 days for job hunting.

But the priority should be your personal references, send your CV to your friends or relatives who are already in Dubai so that they may arrange some interviews if possible.

Walk in interviews are also held widely so utilize your stay by giving as much interviews as possible, search such interviews through Dubizzle, Gulf News and Indeed.

Another beneficial way is third party websites or HR Recruitment and consultants because they are helpful for getting a good job.

Resume & CV:

Your CV is your first impression for the company, it should reflect your education, qualification, knowledge and skills and should be up to date. Also make sure that it includes a brief cover letter which introduces you and makes the employer think why he should hire you.

Good luck!

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