Family Registration Certificate (FRC) Nadra Online Application & Fee

Family Registration Certificate or FRC is the legal certification approving registration of all family members in the data base of NADRA, which can be acquired through any NADRA centre across Pakistan or through their online PAK-Identity facility at nominal fee.

FRC is among those documents which are usually required by embassies when people apply for visa application of their family members. It is a document which works as the identification and approval of the family.

How to Apply?

The first method to apply for FRC is by visiting any National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA Registration Centre across Pakistan where you can either apply for FRC by birth, by marriage or by adoption.

Applying for FRC by Birth:

If your parents and siblings all are registered in the data base of NADRA then you can apply for FRC by birth option. The simple method to get your FRC is as follows:

  • Vist the nearest Nadra centre
  • Get your token Wait for your turn on photogrtaph counter
  • Nadra employee will enter your data on FRC through data base
  • Review your data
  • Get your printed Family Registration Certificate

Applying for FRC by Marriage:

If you are applying for a FRC with all details of your children and wife then you will be required to follows these steps:

Visit NADRA Centre

  • Apply for a token
  • Your photographs will be taken
  • Photographs of your children will also be taken if they are under 18
  • Data will be entered for FRC
  • Review & approve the data
  • Get your official FRC

Applying for FRC by Adoption:

If you have adopted a child and want to register the child in the FRC then follow this simple method:

  • Visit NADRA Centre & get your token
  • Appear on photograph counter with the adopted child
  • Your data will be entered for FRC
  • Review the data & make corrections if required
  • Get your printed FRC
  • Remember that you can only apply for registration through adoption if the child is less than 21 years old.

Online Application For FRC:

If you want to apply for FRC from the comfort of your home then you can use the dedicated and online portal of PAK-Identity. NADRA launched this online facility to provide applicants the ease and comfort of applying for FRC from their home.

The method for online application is as follows:

  • Visit the official website of PAK-Identity
  • Register your account & verify it
  • Login & apply for FRC
  • Provide CNIC Number
  • Provide & correct data
  • Attach photographs
  • Submit your application

Within 2 days you will receive the FRC in pdf format on your provided email address.

Fees & Charges of FRC:

The fees for Family Registration Certificate is Rs. 1,000 wether you apply through the NADRA Centre (Normal or Executive) or through the online application process.

The time duration to get your FRC at Nadra centre is just few minutes while through online application process you can get the pdf of FRC for print within 2 days.

For more details visit nearest NADRA centre or contact at:
Phone Number: 111-786-100 (UAN)

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