Expats Can Convert Family Visa Into Permanent Visa In Saudi Arabia

Passport OfficeIt is very difficult for the expatriates in Saudi Arabia to keep their family members with them but now it is possible to convert their family visit visa into permanent visa. According to the senior official in the Passport Department, the family members of expatriates working in Saudi Arabia can convert their visit visa into permanent visa in special conditions. While talking to the daily newspaper of Saudi Arabia, Col. Mohammed Al-Hussain said that it is possible in some conditions to convert the family visa of the expatriates into permanent visa but all such requests have to be approved by the ministry of interior.

He said that the elderly parents of expatriates or any other family member of the expatriate, who is in critical condition can get permanent visa of Saudi Arabia. Col. Mohammed Al-Hussain clearly said that all the services are now online and expatriates doesn’t need to produce entry or re-entry document at the immigration counter. He also said that the parents of expatriates who does not have anyone to look after when they reach 60, can contact “Qanoon and Tadrees” (Legal and Studies) cell for the conversion of their visit visa into permanent.

It is to be noted that in the past, families of the expatriates were only issued family visit visa for a certain period.


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