Domestic Violence Laws Would Be Effect On 23rd Dec

Domestic violence laws take effect on Dec. 23

A judicial source revealed that the new domestic violence laws would get consequence from the starting of Rabi Al-Awwal. The Council observed a plan of the domestic violence law and has as settled its text, confirmed the resource. According to source that the new text of the law takes notice to violence against women, making a note of that the common of domestic violence cases that are checked by the Ministries of Justice and Social Affairs were against women,

The new system includes a role for police force by powering them to respond to phone calls and complaints without any requirement. The new law takes a main improvement in the modernity of the legislation relating to the guard of women, children and other helpless groups. He observed that the new system is well-matched with international laws and agreements relating to domestic violence, in addition to basic women’s and human rights.

Under the new laws social security guard is obtainable to those who report cases of violence without enlightening their identity. Also offered would be right of entry to assistance, treatment, accommodation and social, psychological and physical health care for victims. The law also inflicts penalties and allowing against abusers. The number of listed cases of aggression against women was 234 cases connecting Saudis versus 220 cases for non-Saudis.

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