Canada’s School Board to Seek Overseas Students

District school board of Lambton Kent region is in search of international students because of the decreasing enrollment. In order to maintain and make up for a better enrollment the board has to look for more overseas students.

Recently the number of international students in the board is nearly 20. It has now presented an international program for 13 years in view of raising the number of students. The students coming from abroad must have to pay the tuition fees in order to attend the public school in Ontario.

The director of education Jim Costello said that the process of seeking international student’s dosenot provides us much benefit (dollar) but it is to widen the world for our students. School staff and children said that they had got much better experience from it, but their numbers are few. Jim also said that eight years ago they had more than 100 students. Many students came for a few months but the managements wanted them to come for full time. .

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