Another PIA Flight Steward Arrested

piaRawalpindi: A flight steward of a national airline of Pakistan has been arrested on charges of smuggling and has been handed over to PIA. The custom authority arrested the flight steward on board a flight coming from the Heathrow airport at London to the Benazir airport at Rawalpindi. The flight name was PK-786. The luggage of flight steward, Shoaib Rajput was checked on suspicion to find 50 Smart phones, laptops and 6000 British pounds. The luggage was worth millions of rupees.

The custom authorities immediately took Shoaib Rajput into custody. He was later on handed over to the PIA authorities. Shoaib Rajput is also heading the union of PIA. The PIA authorities have already initiated investigation into the case. Previously also the custom authorities at the Heathrow airport had arrested a flight steward of PIA in a smuggling case. PIA had to pay a heavy amount in compensation to free the Flight steward on personal bail.

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