American Wife Files in Court For Divorce via e-mail

divorceAn American woman has been permuted to file for divorce from her Saudi husband via e-mail after the Saudi man left the US with her three children and prohibited her from considering them. The judge accepted to the request made by the woman after she show evidence that she would no longer talk with him in any other way, According to report.

An arrest warrant has been given against the Saudi man for kidnapping the children and rejecting to go back to the country, which is a contravention of the custody rights before granted to the mother, More  to failing to attend a investigation in the matter.

Jessica, who did file for divorce last April, said that they have been married since June 2004. “I am sick of being married who kept my kids from me and kept on  depriving me of watching them, during doing everything in his authority to create our lives sad,” she said.

The husband was doing a master’s degree from Pennsylvania and departed the country on November after the court decided them approval to go their father. The court saw proof verifying that he received official documents via e-mail before.

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