Dog Lovers Face 74 Lashes, Fines Under New Law: Iran


Dog lovers in Iran had to face up to 74 lashes under a policy by hard-line officials that would forbid having the dogs at home or walking them in public. Dogs are looked upon as impure under Islamic norms and they are not ordinary in Iran, although some families do have them behind locked doors and, especially in more wealthy areas, walk them outside.

Iran’s principles police, who organize in public places, have previously stopped up dog walkers and either warned them or took away the animals. But if the new law is approved by parliament then those guilty of dog-related offenses have to face lashes or fines choice from 10 million rials to 100 million rials ($370 to $3,700 at official rates).

“Anyone who strolls or plays with animals such as dogs or monkeys in public places would harm Islamic culture, as well as the cleanliness and peace of others, particularly women and children,” the draft law states. Confiscated animals will be sent to zoos, jungles, or the rough country, it said.

A similar law was planned three years ago but after revising the bill lawmakers in the 290-member parliament sent away it, citing more important legislation on the draft program.

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