Saudi Arabia Begins Strict Action Against Illegal Workers

saudi arabia illegal workersJeddah:  Saudi Arabian authorities have started taking strict action against illegal foreign workers in the country following a previous warning given to the people who did not have legal authority to be inside the country. The government started its campaign against illegal workers after the deadline given to illegal workers to leave the country expired in March and these actions have now intensified.

According to various media reports, more than 100,000 illegal workers have been deported from the country in the last six months. According to a local newspaper report, the labour ministry and interior ministry’s officials held a special meeting in which it was decided that foreign workers would be checked for legal documents both at their workplaces and even on the streets.

A notice was also issued to Saudi sponsors after the meeting which warned them not to allow their workers to work for other organizations or legal action would be taken against them for violating the labor laws. Saudi Arabia is a popular destination for job seekers from different parts of the World especially South Asia and it is believed that a large number of illegal workers are still present in the country.

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