A Pakistani Beheaded For Drug Trafficking in Saudi Arabia

THE DESERT KINGDOM HAS CARRIED OUT 46 EXECUTIONS THIS YEAR.Saudi authorities beheaded a Pakistani on Thursday after sentencing him to death for drug trafficking, the interior ministry announced. Western-based organizations such as official pardon International and Human Rights Watch criticize both the Saudi criminal justice system and its harsh punishments. There are no judges trials in Saudi Arabia and courts view few official procedures

The interior ministry publicized that Saudi authorities beheaded A Pakistani after sentencing him to death for drug trafficking. Izzat Gul was convicted of trafficking a “large quantity” of heroin, the ministry said in statement carried by the official Saudi authorities, without stating how much.

His beheading in Jeddah moves up to 46 the number of executions carried out in the desert kingdom this year, according to sources.

Human Rights Watch spoken alarm last month at a rush forward in implementation, which saw 19 people beheaded in 16 days between 4 Aug and 20 Aug. Human Rights Watch told eight of those executed have been prisoner of non-violent crime such as drug trafficking and “sorcery,” and explained the exercising of the death punishment in their cases as “principally egregious.”

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