Get Paid For Your Posts And Shares At Bubblews

bubblewsWashington: In the wake of increasing popularity of the social media, the social media networks websites have launched a new website that will pay you for sharing and posting. According to the international news agencies, this idea was introduced by the social media website ‘Bubblews’ which will pay its users for posting and sharing. As people are addicted to posting and sharing images and other stuff, so why not make some money out of your leisure activity.

According to the international sources, the income generated by the website through advertisements will be shared with the users by the website. This means that a percentage of this income will be used to pay the users for posting and sharing. The ads will be posted on the user’s profile according to the content of the posts and the profits gained by the website on this post will be shared with the user.

The founders of the website, Jason Zuccari and Arvind Dixit stated that the user will be paid 1 cent for every post and when the amount has accumulated to 50 dollars, and then the user will be paid via cash. The users will also be given the facility to buy online as well. Initially, the website has been introduced in English language, but it will soon be available in other languages as well.

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