Block Your Lost & Stolen Mobile Phone In Pakistan

Block your Lost & Stolen Mobile Phone In PakistanMobile snatcher is not the new when it discusses to Pakistan. Mobile snatching is becoming common with every passing day. If anyone is one of those who’s mobile either was snatched or stolen, it is usually that people would wish that if he could not use his mobile, no one else could do it as well.

Akhbar nama brings the solution to problem. Firstly when anyone buys a new mobile, dial the numberIMEI

[alert-success] *#06# [/alert-success]

you will get a number. This number is known as IMEI number of your mobile set. IMEI number is sole in every GSM mobile set. This can also be searched below the battery of mobile or on the warranty card as well. If he doesn’t search it below the battery or on warranty card, just dial *#06# and he will have the IMEI number. Write down this number and keep it safe.

In case mobile set is stolen or lost, he can utilize IMEI number to block the phone set. Every GSM network in the country utilizes this IMEI number to recognize that a valid device is consumed by the customer to advantage from their network. The authority will express the network operators that the device is not suitable anymore.


  • In Pakistan anyone can send Email to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority at 
  • You can forward his request on Fax at 021-35683336.
  • CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee) 021-35662222
  • Police (Rescue 15) 15
  • PTA 0800-25625

To provide them with some essential information along with IMEI number of mobile set. Check database of stolen and snatched mobile phones through the official website of CPLC.


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