Armed Forces In Iran To Enforce Hijab

hijabTehran: Some conservative factions of the society in Iran were already working towards enforcing hijab on the public, but they no longer have to work alone. The Irani armed forces have also joined forces with these factions and have announced war against the increasing vulgarity and social evils in the society. It has stated that the decreasing culture of hijab will be dealt with and it will wage war against those who are promoting obscenity in the society.

In a statement, the Irani forces have said that the media has turned the women away from hijab and the social and cultural values of hijab and purity are being obliterated from their personalities. The new generation is moving towards indecency and vulgarity.[alert-success] The armed forces have criticized women appearing on television without hijab and have said that the manner in which the Irani women are appearing on television is against their moral, social and ethical values and is in violation of the teachings taught by Murshid Ali.[/alert-success]

The armed forces in Iran have expressed their resolve in taking all the necessary measures to enforce hijab and will take extreme action against those violating their religious rules and cultural values

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