BOL TV: Career Opportunities, Apply Online

Bol Network is hiring staff for Pakistan’s biggest Channel. Bol Network was in crisis after closure of its Parent company Axact, the world’s leading IT Company, and arrest of the CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh. But now after release of Mr. Shoaib, Sindh High Court reinstated the license of Bol Network.

Bol Network has started its campaign with the slogan “Pehlay Say Bhi Ziada”. They are hiring talented staff from all over Pakistan. They are aiming to hire 10,000 employees while before crisis their team consisted of 2500 employees only.

They are also aiming to pay employees 4 times the market average, while before crisis they were paying employees twice the market average.They also promised to pay the employees 17 months pay which was not paid because the accounts of Axact were frozen by government.


You can also be a part of Pakistan’s biggest Media Network by applying through their online form or send your CV’s at


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