Zong Introducing Prepaid Credit Card And Internet Payment Solutions

Zong Prepaid Credit CardZong is a leading Pakistani cellular network that is known for its quality services with cheap rates. It is famous to introduce innovative products and services for its customers with the time being and is popular in Pakistani youth for SMS packages. This time Zong has also come up with a unique and innovative idea to provide maximum satisfaction for its customers. According to the reports, Zong is working new service that will allow Pakistani users to buy products online and make payments through NFC and other channels.

The prepaid cards introduced soon by Zong will be available all over Pakistan on Sales and Services Centers and Franchises. Customers will be also allowed to load these credit cards on their cell phones that can also use to purchase different products online. They can use their mobile credit to buy all the products they wish to have online. These prepaid credit cards will also enable the traders to receive or send their payments through internet from their mobile.

Zong is going to become a pioneer of introducing this service in Pakistan for the first time. Prepaid credit cards will definitely promote and boost e-commerce industry in Pakistan.

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