Zaeem Qadri Notorious Pictures Got Leaked

LAHORE: According to sources, Spokesperson of Punjab government and PML-N MPA Zaeem Qadri’s notorious pictures got leaked and at the moment went  viral on social media. In the pictures, Zaeem Qadri is cheering hard with attractive close relatives and some oddly dressed ladies in a confidential meeting and dancing in a drunken condition.

Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri Member Provincial Assembly Pakistan Muslim Leage Nawaz has been the passionate critic of girls having fun and enjoying dancing on music in PTI’s sit-ins and has affirmed their protest as dancing show at D-Chowk.


Zaeem-Qadri-Leaked2 This is the photos of Zaeem Qadri MPA of PML-N. As we visibly watch that in these photos Zaeem Qadri was not in sense and already drunk alot and dancing with some old ages ladies. This is the similar Qadri who criticizes about Music and Girl Dancing in the PTI Dharna.

According to reports, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Maulana Tahir Ashrafi was also captured Last week giving live bleeper on a private television in drunken state. Amusingly, both persons are somehow connected to PML-N because Tahir Ashrafi is also supposed to be benefitted from the ruling party.

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